About Us

Orenda Hemp is part of a vertically integrated group of businesses based in Virginia that are focused on disrupting the medical Hemp Derived Cannabis (HDC) industry. We are owned by a dedicated private fund comprising predominantly health professionals, who support a long-term, research-based approach to unlocking the potential of fresh-processed HDC. Our innovative methods carefully preserve the plant's trichome, resulting in high quality, full spectrum HDC. We believe its capacity to bind with the human body's endocannabinoid system can greatly enhance health outcomes.

Person flying drone over hemp fields

Technology Enabled

We have invested heavily in technology in order to ensure our processes are efficient, and at the cutting edge of the industry.

We make this technology available to our growing partners through our cultivation program, reducing cost and decreasing risk.

Person taking notes about hemp plant in greenhouse

Research  Focused

Understanding of HDC's potential to positively impact health in its infancy.

Central to Orenda's research premise is that societal acceptance of HDC relies on trust, and that trust depends on the creation of verifiable data in the public domain.

Mother and Father with young children bent low in vegetable garden

Sustainability Driven

Sustainability is not a feature of our business, it's the concept that underpins everything we do. It is implicit in each and every activity we perform.

We define sustainability as a balance between environmental, financial and social outcomes.